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bad blogger

Hi All,  I’ve been horribly neglectful of this blog in the last little while (been updating my other blog quite a bit) and want to rectify that.  My wife does not want pictures of the little man put up–which kind of dampered my enthusiasm–but now I have a new solution, suggested by a colleague.  Hence I now present, the G-man!

The new G-man!

The new G-man!

Anyhoo, he is doing alright, crawling, pulling himself up, and is generally a nuisance–but a healthy nuisance.  Can’t complain.


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Negligent Blogger

Well, I’ve been a pretty negligent blogger–almost 2 months since the last one!  Too busy trying not to be a negligent father I suppose. 

 Life with the little one has been pretty exciting so far.  Exciting and tiring.  It used to be that by Friday, I would be ready to whoop it up.  Now by Friday I just want to sleep.  Life has changed.

 I can’t complain too much.  Every now and then I see an episode of John and Kate plus eight.  Wow, if they can do it with 8 kids, surely I can manage 1 (plus 1 dog and 2 cats–I notice they do not have any pets, probably a good thing).

 Anyhoo, I’m back…

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