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G-man’s at daycare…

…and loving it.  But still is excited to see one of us pick him up. The words are starting to flow out of his mouth as well.  We are hearing mama, da (dad), hat, cat, wawa (water), and shoe.  I hope he doesn’t learn the f-word–still hasn’t left mommy and daddy’s vocabulary.


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bad blogger

Hi All,  I’ve been horribly neglectful of this blog in the last little while (been updating my other blog quite a bit) and want to rectify that.  My wife does not want pictures of the little man put up–which kind of dampered my enthusiasm–but now I have a new solution, suggested by a colleague.  Hence I now present, the G-man!

The new G-man!

The new G-man!

Anyhoo, he is doing alright, crawling, pulling himself up, and is generally a nuisance–but a healthy nuisance.  Can’t complain.

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… a great story.

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The Scream!

Now the little guy has learned how to scream! He screams when we take something away from him, when he’s particularly hungry, or when he just feels like it.

Any suggestions on how to deal with this??

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The (not so) long wait is over.  The little guy is terrorizing the floors!   We’ll have to set up the electric fence, soon.  (Just kidding!) 

He also ate his first biscuit. 

The dude is growing up.  Next he’s going to be moving in with his girlfriend and hating us (again kidding!)


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The Spin-o-rama!

Still has not quite mastered crawling forward, but is spinning his body around more vigorously, and go a little bit backwards. Not much time left before he terrorizes the floor!

On a side note, he also has learned how to grab on hard! Hair, face and glasses are all fair game

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Baby Crawling

The little guy is now just past 6 months old and seems to be moving more and more.  Right now he is able to spin around in circles on his tummy, and flip back and forth.  I’m not sure how much time we have until he is able to crawl forward–but I do know that I am not mentally ready!  I mean, that will change the whole game!

Until that happens we are closely monitoring the situation (sounds very  aloof doesn’t it).  We are hoping he can crawl sooner than later, but at the same time know that our little guy will be will never be same once he starts tearing around the house.  Time goes too fast sometimes.

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