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G-man’s at daycare…

…and loving it.  But still is excited to see one of us pick him up. The words are starting to flow out of his mouth as well.  We are hearing mama, da (dad), hat, cat, wawa (water), and shoe.  I hope he doesn’t learn the f-word–still hasn’t left mommy and daddy’s vocabulary.


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BTW, happy 10 month birthday to the little guy!

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… a great story.

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The (not so) long wait is over.  The little guy is terrorizing the floors!   We’ll have to set up the electric fence, soon.  (Just kidding!) 

He also ate his first biscuit. 

The dude is growing up.  Next he’s going to be moving in with his girlfriend and hating us (again kidding!)


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The Spin-o-rama!

Still has not quite mastered crawling forward, but is spinning his body around more vigorously, and go a little bit backwards. Not much time left before he terrorizes the floor!

On a side note, he also has learned how to grab on hard! Hair, face and glasses are all fair game

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Been a crazy few weeks.  First I was off on a business trip for three days.  Now this week, my wife and son are going to be going to the U S of A to do some shopping.  I missed his first tummy spin last week–I hope I don’t miss anything new this week.

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I’ve decided to make a separate blog for some of my political commentary.  It’s called Engineering Politics.  This way it won’t get in the way of my new daddy blogging.  Although it can overlap, like the current conversations about the banning of BPA–a sometime ingredient in plastic baby bottles.

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