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Bachelor Days

My wife and the little guy are away visiting the Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. in Southwestern Ontario for the week.  I’m excited to have some time on my own to get work done both here at home and at the office.  Bachelor life again–without the wild parties.  At least I’ll have sole control of the TV!  

 But it is only night one, and I’m already missing them.  I’ve never been this far from the baby, and it’s been years since I’ve been away a whole week from my wife.  We’ll see how this goes.


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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about which country has the best system for innovation.  America has the venture capital funded start-up model for most new technology companies, whereas Europe has more government labs and subsidies to innovate.  Japan has a more conservative model which is different from more adventurous Korea.  China has a completely different model of copy first then innovate later.  Which model works best is up for debate.  Perhaps a mixture really will produce the best results.  Or macro-economic forces beyond anyone’s control will really decide some sort of innovation grade. 

 All I know is that innovation by whatever means propels a nation forward in the new world economy.

 Any opinions on the best path to innovation?

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Spring is around the corner…

Although it doesn’t feel like it in Ottawa.  I’m tired and have a cold of some sort, my wife is tired and has a cold, and the little guy has a cold–not sure if he’s tired.   I can’t wait until the snow is melted away. 

 They say that living in a northern climate makes you appreciate the spring that much more–I believe it.  Especially as a new father.

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I live in Ottawa, and I am done with it! That’s all I have to say.  Records be da%ned–I’m done with it.  That’s all I have to say.

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one hand typing again–i’m doing the morning shift with the little guy.  he seems content to watch me type while i’m playing neil young in the background.  the morning times are nice because he’s usually in a good mood, and it’s pretty quiet.  i think he’s getting used to watching sports hilights and hanging in the exersaucer.  soon i will have go to work.  i’ll miss the little guy while i face the day armed with a pc surrounded by 4 cubicle walls.  

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As a delinquent blogger, I feel I should produce an update.  I’m in the middle of internal job change, so I am doing two jobs at once.  Changing jobs in the baby’s 1st year of life is doable, but an internal job change means you cannot completely leave your previous position’s tasks.  Overall I’m quite keen on the new job, more later.  Change is good.

 Speaking of change, as the little man grows up it’s amazing how he’s changed.  In talking to relatives who do not get to see him as much, they also tell us how he’s changed since they have seen him. He gargles more sounds, smiles at people he knows, has more control of his hands and fingers, and I believe can focus from a distance.  So many changes.  Change is good!

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