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knee jerk reaction

Here’s an interesting technology that could allow us to power MP3 players and cellphones, just by walking around.



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posting while holding baby

well, my son is with me while i try to do a new post–hence the one hand typng with no capitalization.  we’re up this morning letting mom sleep in for a bit.  he seems fascinated with my hand movements right now, but not sure how long this will last.  starting to squirm.   changed music playing to buy time.  think i have to go now.  original point of post is how many things i have to with one hand/arm now that i’m a father.  gotta go his patience is wearing thin.

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Sleep II

Back to sleep again.  Our little guy has decided to not sleep during days and barely at nights.  It’s not that he is colicky or crying a lot.  He just likes to be up, and cries sometimes when we try to put him to bed.  Maybe he doesn’t need sleep–he could be a super human mutant baby!  More likely he is trying to torment his parents (mostly mom) by being awake for long periods of time.  Time will tell if he is a super-baby or not….

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From a recent EETimes article.  I’m not sure I agree with all the points presented (I consider myself a reasonably “well-rounded” engineer) but it certainly brings up a debatable point about the education system.


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Zoscia / Monkey

It’s a sad day for my family.  My parent’s dog had to be put down today because of many illnesses.  She had lived a good long life, and old age was really starting to get to her.  Although she had been getting weaker and weaker, fortunately she was not in any great pain.

 She was the most gentle and loving dog that I have ever met.  She was a great dog and will be sadly missed by all members of the family.

 Rest in peace.  May you have all the toast, pizza crust, and timbits you desire, in the afterlife.

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