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It feels like we are finally getting this sleep thing worked out.  My wife does most of the waking up in the middle of the night (she’s still breastfeeding)–and I take him every morning for a little while and let her sleep in.  It seems like we’re finally getting it, for now at least.  The dog and cats seem to have adjusted, as well. 

 I still can’t wait for the weekends in a way I never did pre-baby.  Friday night is veg out time (instead of party time).  Anyhoo, till next post.


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Bad Week for Work/Life Balance

I’ve been very busy with work this week, and feel like I am not being as supportive of my wife as I should be.  We’ve also had social engagements that have added to the pressure.  We’re trying to get over the Christmas holiday craziness, but it seems like we’re behind.  The weekends are our best chance to get things cleaned up, but with a couple of social visits–we’re done in.  Any advice out there on how to establish a good work/home/social balance with the addition of a new child?

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Negligent Blogger

Well, I’ve been a pretty negligent blogger–almost 2 months since the last one!  Too busy trying not to be a negligent father I suppose. 

 Life with the little one has been pretty exciting so far.  Exciting and tiring.  It used to be that by Friday, I would be ready to whoop it up.  Now by Friday I just want to sleep.  Life has changed.

 I can’t complain too much.  Every now and then I see an episode of John and Kate plus eight.  Wow, if they can do it with 8 kids, surely I can manage 1 (plus 1 dog and 2 cats–I notice they do not have any pets, probably a good thing).

 Anyhoo, I’m back…

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