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Great Baby Gifts

I am showing this not because I have any say with this company, but I do think that these gifts are great for new parents or parents-to-be.  Just funny!



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Great Gift

I have a friend who sent us some great baby gifts.  They sent us a book on safe baby handling (funny–I will look up where to get it), and a gift that will predict his future.  We’ll see how accurate it is…


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I have been following Australian Wayne Scullino’s adventures in Green Bay, Wisconsin for the current NFL season.  Let me say, I am impressed!  It must take some guts to quit your job and move your family (he has a wife and two little ones!) halfway across the world to watch a football team!  (My wife would never hear of it, and I would be to afraid to contemplate it)   Kudos to this guy–he has inspired me to not be afraid to take a chance on an adventure–and that having kids doesn’t mean the end of the world.

Here’s a link to his blog, and I’m putting it on the blog roll.


He must be some good luck for the Packers–they’re 9-1 this year!

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No major topic…

..I just wanted to write a post about the responsibility of bringing another human in the world.  I have not had much exercise in a while–and I hope to rectify that soon–but I’m not that concerned.  Baby Gavin is doing great, and that is all I can ask for.  I truly feel like the his needs far outweigh my own right now.  I feel a little less selfish.

Here’s a recent pic of the gaffer out at the mall.


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Dirt vs. Clean

Recently we have been hearing that if we keep our kids too clean, we risk them developing more allergies and other problems.  This brings up the quandary of what is too clean when creating the environment for the child to grow up in.  The linked article from the CBC website explores the research, but doesn’t come up with a conclusion. 

I guess we’ll just take it as it goes.

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Our own form of torture

We’ve found a new way to torture our baby, all in the name of scrapbooking.  We have attempted to have our baby’s feet and hands immortalized in ink.  Seems harmless enough, but with all the pulling, pushing, and positioning that went on during the ordeal, the little guy ended up crying more than any of the blood tests that he has recently taken.

Sometime in the future, he will appreciate what we’ve done for him–we hope!

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Babies are boring.

Well today is my last day home with my family before I have to go back to work.  I will definitely miss being around Gavin.  Seeing him grow will be a continuing fascination.  Beyond that, I must admit that he does not do too much.  He eats, sleeps and looks around when awake.  Not much there.  The cats and the aforementioned baby-terrorizer (Noosa the dog) seem to be much more interactive and interesting at this point.  At least they respond to me. So when people ask if I will be missing my baby, I’ll say I wouldn’t actually being missing much!

(Disclaimer:  The previous paragraph was written with tongue firmly planted in cheek–I will be sad to miss Gavin’s first days, and will probably call my wife relentlessly for updates)

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