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Positivity and Jaundice II

I was just reading the last post and realized i may have left things on a bit of a downer.  The fact is that the baby is doing well: his bilirubin was up slightly after leaving the hospital but is now trending down, he is eating-peeing-pooing regularly, and he seems to be more aware of his surroundings every day.  Life is good for the little gaffer right now so I shouldn’t let my negativity influence things right now.  I should enjoy being with him before I have to head back to work.  I’m off to hang with the little guy…


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After the baby Gavin’s stressful and dramatice entrance on Friday, multitudes of family members and friends came by to see us. All seemed to be going well, with just a slight hint of yellow in the baby’s skin tone.  After a while, he seemed to be getting yellower as time went on, and by the time the mid-wife came to visit for a day 5 check-up, we were off to the hospital to get a bilirubin blood test. 

Unfortunately his bilirubin levels were high, and our first trip to the hospital turned into our first overnight trip to the hospital.  Since his levels were so high, we were whisked to NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) where a large dose of LED powered ultraviolet light was perscribed.  Luckily this got it down to a point where he could be moved to a regular ward, with less intensive lights where we spent the rest of our time at the hospital.  The intensity was decreased until we were 12 hours without lights and ok to go home. 

I can tell you one thing–although the baby has been in my life only a few short days, I have been living and dying with the words from doctors and nurses.  Seeing your child sick is the worst feeling I’ve ever had, more horrible than I could ever imagine.   We are very lucky that this did not cause any long-term development problems. 

 If this is part of being a parent, it looks like I’m going to have to be ready for some ups and downs.  This is not going to be easy.


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Well, Baby Gavin arrived early and quickly! 

Here’s a brief synopsis:  My wife was in labour in the morning, we went to the hospital, the midwife said the contractions were not all real, and she was only 2 cm dilated.  We were sent home, then ~1 hour after getting home, the contractions changed to more.  My wife and I were scared, called the midwife, and she said there’s much more time to try and relax.  My wife started to really feel something, asked me to look, thought I saw something, and we called 911.  Let me tell you, I never want to have to call 911 ever again!   The paramedics arrived, decided not to move her, she had 3 pushes and our baby boy was born on the bathroom floor!!  Thank god for those paramedics–I’m not sure I could have delivered the baby myself! 

In the end we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy of 6 pounds 8 ounces, 3 and a half weeks early!! 

More on all this later, I’m feeling the new baby tiredness…

Here’s a picture:


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I’m Pro-Pre-Natal Classes

One thing I have to say is that I do look forward to the pre-natal classes.  I always end up quite freaked out, and worried about something brand new, but at least I can get freaked out with other new fathers-to-be.    All pregnant women in our class have their partners with them, which makes for a larger group of non-pregnant people to all be freaked out together!

Oh yeah–and I also learn quite a lot.  It seems to stick more than reading a book.

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Just thought I’d share this.  I does talk about a pre-eminent danger to human life on earth. Maybe the dinosaurs are one big warning sign for humans.

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4 weeks until due date

Just had our 5th pre-natal class.  There was alot of talk about talking care of the baby from the first few weeks right until the end of nine months.  All that worry about the delivery, which will last many hours–but then we have another 18-20 years to worry about the child!  This looks like quite the adventure ahead of us.  But why am I so tired now?

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Geek Chic!

Check out this music video from the IEEE Spectrum website that seeks to make engineering cool:

 Originally pointed out to me on this technology commentary website (also on my blog roll)


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