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It is funny that I still cannot see myself as a father of a human just yet.  I have felt the baby moving around, heard it’s heart beat, and seen him/her moving in the ultrasound.  But it still does not seem as real to me, as it does to my wife.  She says she loves the baby more than anything, whereas I still can’t quite comprehend that he/she is coming. 

Meanwhile, I am busy with lists of things to buy, taking care of my wife, and preparing for labour and birth, all practical things that I can do.  Also, I am busy taking care of our dog and two cats.  They are more real to me right now, because I can take the dog for a walk, and clean cat litter, and other tangible things for these living creatures.  I can take the dog to training class and play with them and pet them.  

But I do know that this is all going to change in a little bit more than a month.  Many guys I have talked to have said that this is the most amazing thing.  Everything changes after that day.  You now have a little human that you will love more than anything!  And you will do anything to help/nuture/protect him/her.  Priorities instantly change.

So, I am looking forward to that day, but while waiting I will continue to do the practical things to prepare for the baby, and take care of my wife.

Did other fathers-to-be have a smilar experience before the actual birth?


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The Baby Carrier

Working in high tech, you can see how innovation can change the world.  One thing we humans are good at creating are machines that keep us from doing dangerous work.  As I go through pre-natal classes, I realize how painful and dangerous child birth is!  And I think to myself, there must be a better way.  Couldn’t we create a baby carrier!

Yet, the technology involved with recreating the womb is many many years away, and replacing that mother-child bond is nearly impossible.  My wife–the one facing the dangers, the pain, the discomfort–wouldn’t have it any other way.  Isn’t life amazing?

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Anyone in Ontario reading this may or may not know about the referendum occuring on October 10th, 2007.  Personally, I think that we have to look at new ways of doing things, in order for every vote to really count.  How many times have we voted for a particular party, only because they had the best chance of defeating someone who you didn’t want to win?  Wouldn’t it be nice to vote for a candidate/party that you really want to–instead of strategic voting?   Here is some more information on the Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) being proposed and voted on in the October 10th refendum.

Vote for MMP


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Crib and Dresser Finished

Room is painted and ready, with some more last minute furniture to buy.  Things are OK this week. 

We’ve had our 2nd pre-natal class, and all I can say is the uterus is one complex mega muscle.

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I now start to document my journey into fatherhood, and beyond.  If all goes according to plan, there will be a new arrival in our household on November 11th.  I am counting down the days…

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